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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A quick look at the Republican field of candidates

  So where do we stand with current Republicans running for POTUS?
  Rand Paul
  • Goes into territory many Republicans avoid.
  • Unafraid to speak his mind.
  • Values personal liberty. 
  • Knowledgeable about the private sector.
  • His antics the other day were an obvious personal attack against McCain and Graham. 
  • He seems petty at times; blaming Republicans for the creation of ISIS is breathtakingly stupid.  
  • He has a slightly screwy appearance. 
  • Occasionally unreasonably quarrelsome.
Ben Carson:
  • Highly knowledgeable.
  • Interesting personal story.
  • An excellent leader.
  • Has the ability to inspire--unlike our current POTUS--minorities with good work ethic and spirituality.
  • Unafraid to speak his mind.
  • Soothing agreeable appearance and demeanor. He's obviously a healer.
  • Politically naive.
  • Reacts ineptly to political digs.
  • Lacks political experience.
  • May not be aggressive enough to deal with the long knives.
Jeb Bush:
  • Highly regarded as governor of Florida.
  • Numerous political & monied connections.
  • High name recognition.
  • Affable personality.
  • Hasn't been in political arena for a while. Flubs easy questions.
  • Assumes too much.
  • High name recognition.
  • Maintains status quo, same ole same ole
  • BLEH!
Rick Santorum:
  • Easy going traditionalist. Nice guy.
  • Lifts values many Americans treasure.
  • Interesting personal family life.
  • Has experience but not wedded to Republican traditions.
  • Boring. Boring. Boring.
  • Hate the sweaters.
  • Gets himself into hot water because his views diverge from mainstream.
  • Nice guy.
  • Seems to get bogged down in details and weeds.
Donald Trump:
  • Please. No.
Chris Christie:
  • Truthful when questioned about hard issues.
  • Good organizer.
  • Unafraid to get in people's faces, regardless party.
  • Likeable. Personal appearance identifies with the everyday chub.
  • Actually answers questions.
  • A true political animal.
  • Personal appearance identifies with the everyday chub.
  • Engenders an uneasy sense that he'll do dishonest things if he can get away with it. True? who knows.
  • He's a blowhard from New Jersey, a state with a history of corruption.
  • Has some wacky Leftist ideas, including taxing Social Security, penalizing those who've saved.
Carly Fiorina:
  • Highly energetic; scrappy & savvy.
  • Actual business and leadership experience
  • Willing to question Hillary at every level. This is invaluable.
  • Gender. 
  • Her business experience means she has business enemies.
  • Fundraising may be a problem. 
Marco Rubio:
  • Personally appealing.
  • Moving personal story.
  • Has some great ideas.
  • Hispanic.
  • Triangulates with RINOs such as McCain.
  • At times seems politically naive.
  • Is he firm on illegal immigration? 
  • That water sip.
Ted Cruz:
  • He'll do what he says.
  • Firmly in the freedom camp regarding policies and regulations.
  • Willing to answer directly hard questions.
  • Great personal story.
  • Has a personally grating personality for many people.
  • Has a solid chorus of critics built into his candidacy.
  • Can he win?
Rick Perry:
  • Excellent track record as governor of Texas.
  • Great at creating jobs.
  • Personally appealing.
  • Dismal performance in his last run for presidency. True, he had had recent back surgery. Can he overcome?
  • Can he campaign without maligning other Republicans?
Scott Walker:
  • Excellent record reforming unions in one of the bluest states in the country.
  • Has a humble demeanor in the face of opposition.
  • Unflappable.
  • Has faced some of the most vile thug tactics of any politician in recent memory.
  • Pro freedom.
  • Survived a malicious deceitful recall.
  • Quit college 32 hours short for a business opportunity.
  • Quit college 32 hours short.
  • His enemies are already organized.
  • Is he dynamic enough?

  Pataki? Meh. Why.
 So apparently there are numerous other candidates already running, including a weasel named Lindsey Graham and a dynamic governor named Jindal, SNL notwithstanding.
  This is an awesome field; it is obvious that at this juncture, Jeb Bush isn't the designated front runner. In fact, it appears that Scott Walker is doing very well, as are Rubio and Fiorina. Ben Carson is holding his own, at least for now. He would make an excellent Secretary of HHS, wouldn't you think?
  Though many nagging wagsters claim there are too many, I find it refreshing that such a diverse field is staring down a commie like Sanders, a corrupt old war horse like Clinton and an inept pretty boy ike O'Malley. 
  Baltimore, anyone?


  1. Great assessment. I got a chuckle out of Bush's name recognition being placed in the "Con" section. That was a recent topic of The Howie Carr show, whether or not the Bush name was an asset or liability for Jeb. No consensus but there the strong feeling that "Jeb Bush" was worth more than "Jeb who." To paraphrase Howie, without the last name, Jeb would be in Pataki country.

  2. Well, I see I've lost 5 members by dissing Rand Paul. Oh, well, Those are the facts. The truth is that we cannot afford to wear colored glasses for this election. I used to be an admirer of Paul but not so much now. He's too much his father's son. Thx.

  3. I like Rand and I thought you went easy on him. In 2007 he appeared on youtube in a video about his father. His hair was even more free market at the time and I gently ribbed him (secretly envying anyone who has a bounty of scalp fiber) and I caught a few snide remarks from the family loyalists. I agree that we have to put the rose-colored glasses this time around.

  4. Yeah, the thing is that we CAN'T afford to overlook positions because we have some sort of adoration for an individual. You saw this with Donald Trump when he initially said he'd run, regardless the fact that his book reveals how ultra liberal he is. We need to not be naive; we need to be focused. I'm not a big fan of adoration.