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Friday, May 22, 2015

Ted Cruz and women

  Ted Cruz has a woman problem. 
  No, not the Bill Clinton type of woman problem.
  Personally I'm a fan of Ted Cruz, though he's not necessarily my primary candidate for the presidency.
  I have to say, however, that a number of women (conservative sensible women) I've questioned really, really can't stand Ted Cruz. Their complaints include a whinily intense voice and a manner that irritates to the point of dismissing him politically.
  I have another sensible  conservative male friend who says Rand Paul can never be president. Why? My friend circled his head and said, "That hair. His screwy hair." Of course, I believe my friend has other reasons for not liking Paul but his dislike is localized in that one descriptor.
  I trust the judgment of these people; I also believe there's an innate ability for some politicians to connect with the public on a personal and singular level. I'm afraid my friends are essentially right.
  Though we prefer candidates with pristine conservative principles, winning also includes relating to people on an organic level, something of which Hillary Clinton is absolutely incapable but of which her husband is a master, though in recent days has become more of a late night joke than a former president.
  Perhaps these women haven't seen enough of Cruz; I'm guessing,though, his problem is similar to the Sarah Palin voice problem--the whole nails on chalkboard issue.

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