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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mrs. Obama needs to put aside the trigger warnings and meet the real world

  Last weekend was a significant weekend for the celebration of graduates' accomplishments. Plastered all over the news today are Michelle Obama's petty solipsistic remarks about how hard it is to be FLOTUS.
  I keep thinking. What. Does. This. Woman. Want.
  What would actually make her happy?
  I guess if she were less pampered, less egotistically pushy and more aware of these precarious times I could half understand what she's saying.
  As it is, anyone who takes an earlier flight by a couple hours to Hawaii for vaca because she doesn't want to wait for her husband, not to mention the extra cost for security, simply doesn't care about the real America who pays her bills.
  Aw, we can rail all we want about her excesses but those criticisms will always be seen as racist, even though ~equal butt kicking for all~ indicates true lack of prejudice.
  So instead we are treated to snippy lectures about how mean people are to the Obamas, who apparently have no idea what it means to be IN POLITICS.
  Opinions, guffaws, chiding and outright bawling laughter about poor Mrs. Obama are all over the web, as I'm sure anyone interested in this topic already knows. We are reminded that she attended Harvard and Princeton, lived in Hyde Park, held a hospital job for over $300,000 a year that funneled needy patients into the poorer parts of town and yet still looks at herself as a victim. Like maybe when Michelle "sneaked" out with her security couterie to Target and some poor short lady made the mistake of asking her to get something from a high shelf. Horrors! Wasn't that short lady expecting to see the First Lady of the United States in Target? How dare she?
  The pampered FLOTUS complains the Obamas have been "stung" by "daily slights" their "entire lives" which are a "heavy burden to carry," and that she's been"knocked back" by satirical portrayals of her, and suffered "sleepless nights" from repeated affronts because being a minority in the US is "tough," regardless the numerous minority population that currently holds venomous political and legal sway over all of America.
  One has to wonder why these people, as sensitive and fragile as they are emotionally, politically and spiritually, ever that politics was the career they wanted. It seems every comment and criticism is viewed as a slight, a trigger that produces the depths of self-pitying despair.
  My perception is that, well, you know, the Obamas really are uppity, but that uppityness is rooted in the Leftist philosophy that they're all--white, black and whatever-- better than flyover country and the taxpayers who foot the bills for their splurging on excessive partying and vacationing in exotic places regardless the cost. 
  On another note, I have to say I admire the Oberlin choir who responded in song to the terrible threats that opposing voices have offered to them through triggering thoughts and terrors which confuse them.
  Unlike the Obamas, these young people who attend Oberlin--you know--Oberlin where they have a special building for transgender students, where everyone has *COEXIST* bumper stickers but quite openly hate anyone who disagrees with them, Oberlin which graduates the most liberal precious students in the United States including the currently aggrieveed mayor of Baltimore, Oberlin which has an 11 on a scale of 10 when it comes to Leftist scoring....
  This Oberlin choir has the courage to challenge those trigger warnings so many Leftists feel when anyone in the real world challenges their strongly held beliefs. You know, like confronting the opposite of actually *COEXISTING*. Anyway here's the song until Oberlin demands they pull it down.
  The Obamas could take some advice from these young people, whose names are all over the video.

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