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Sunday, May 17, 2015

SNL digs Hillary again

  Well, as Hillary is busy taking selfies around the country, refusing to answer questions and standing by while the wolves tear apart the Clinton Foundation's rapacious policies depriving the poor of money donated to help them, SNL had fun again with a skit about her lack of personality.
  I was actually surprised they went after her again, especially the portion of the skit when Hillary approaches two "children" playing in the sand (around 4:02) and asks if the children's parents will be voting for her and the "child" responds, "Oh, they don't like you." When Hillary asks why, the child responds, "They don't like you and they just never will."
  Hillary tries too hard, faking the smile and turning everything into a campaign pitch. A randy Bill also makes an appearance.
  What's most surprising is the skit is it wasn't just skewering the truth but was on point with its mockery; Hillary DOES try too hard, lots of people DON"T like her, she has a BILL problem and she's an elitist whose entire life has been consumed by doing anything she can to get to the presidency.
  Because, hmp. SNL usually only does this to R politicians.
  We'll see if they pick up with this line next fall. I'm guessing Lorne Michaels will be getting a call and a shoulder shove from the Clinton campaign soon.

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