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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Leftists' ideology ruins lives

  So you've heard Obama's infuriatingly pitiable lecture that what's happened in Baltimore is "nothing new" and what did y'all expect anyway, considering that y'all have ignored the poor for decades? 
  Until white people start to care about what happens in urban areas, more riots, more unrest. This is the new norm until white people start to care. "I've seen this movie too many times," he complained.
  As always, caring is determined by the number of dollars that are funneled to these urban areas, the number of midnight basketball programs established and the number of meals served to school children (3 hots a day!) who apparently have no parents who care enough to feed their own children.
  Unfortunately for the community organizer whose primary job seems to organize hate and throw money at problems, the facts do not support Obama's lies.
  Perrysburg Schools, known for excellence, spends about $9,000 per student.
  In fact, even the best school districts in the country do not spend the amount of money on students as Baltimore spends, which is $18,000 per student, for which the taxpayers have been rewarded Baltimore City's dropout rate of 31.5 %, a rate of which they boast because it's an improvement.
  Baltimore also received almost 2 billion dollars of stimulus money from the Obama administration.
  Where did that money go?
  So let's get this straight.
  We have a black president, a black attorney general. Baltimore has a black mayor, a black prosecutor....wait, let's let the LA Times describe the dilemma black leaders have in blaming the lack of caring by white taxpayers, white privilege and the white power structure:
The mayor is black. The council is almost two-thirds black. The school superintendent is black. The police chief is black, and a majority of his officers are black.
Race riots inevitably end in contention over what social woes led to the trigger point, with one overarching element: a white power structure ruling a black populace.
  Let's not count the number of black lives that have been taken by wild thugs in the street; instead let's waste time arguing that the word thug is racist
  Let's not count the huge salaries those same black leaders receive for solving all those problems in Baltimore, as recorded by Hoosierman in this post:
In 2013 ABC2 News compiled a list of Baltimore's top 15 well paid public servants slopping at the public trough. Number 15 on the list, identified as a police officer cleared just over $155,000 while Mosby's predecessor scraped by on $238,681. In 2014 hot shot Police Commission Anthony Batts took home $193,800, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, $163,365, and 14 race baiting city council member got $62,918 which isn't bad for a part time job. 
  The truth is that the Leftist narrative is falling apart; whether the American voter chooses to see it or not is debatable. The reality is right before our eyes and the truth is, as I've written before, we are witnessing the winnowing of the chaff
  If you've chosen to live in a fantasy world, then you will suffer the consequences, falling further and further into a hole of space that contains nothing but specters, demons and delusions.
  There's never enough money or power to satisfy the delusions of the Left.

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