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Friday, June 24, 2011

Unions Lose Big In New Jersy

The above picture come from Trenton; not Madison. The outcomes were similar too. While New Jersey' unions didn't suffer any loss of their collective bargaining rights they did suffer a humiliating defeat. The Christie administration estimated the bill would save $3 billion in health benefits over the next 10 years and $120 billion in pension costs over 30 years. Much of the pension savings are from the controversial elimination of the cost-of-living adjustments for retirees, which unions have threatened to challenge in court.
More than 8,500 protesters poured into Trenton this morning with signs, speeches and their trademark inflatable rat. But most had dispersed by the time Democrats emerged from their hours-long caucus meetings where they debated the bill’s details and a separate budget proposal. The bill passed the Assembly 46-32 and will be sent to Christie’s desk for his signature. Fourteen Democrats voted for the bill, while 32 opposed it. After the vote, protesters in the balcony shouted "Shame on you!"
Christie on Obama and debt ceiling negotiations: He has to show up.

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