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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin confuses the media

  Apparently the press cannot understand why Sarah Palin isn't falling at their feet, begging them to cover her tour across the country.
  While the traditional Republicans continue to mock her, they'd kill for the kind of publicity she gets just by being who she is. Starting her tour with Rolling Thunder was a brilliant move, and now that she rolls across the country, the media are begging to find out HER itinerary.
  They can snot all they want, but she inspires people.
  Allahpundit's take at Hot Air on this is pretty hilarious, whether intentionally or not:
The Times snarks that, notwithstanding the branded bus she’s riding around in and the obvious campaign implications of a tour that’s destined for New Hampshire, she’s “made it quite clear that she just wants to be left alone.” Which isn’t really true: She’s been chatting with supporters along the way but keeping her interactions with the media scrum that’s following her around to a minimum. Why make a huge press splash by announcing a tour of the country’s major historical sites and then not do any media availabilities or photo ops with local pols along the way? Time’s Jay Newton-Small speculates:
  Huh. It appears the lady has plans.

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