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Sunday, September 12, 2010

UN schemes to redistribute US wealth

  Fox News has an exclusive report on the UN's scheme to try to take over countries who are open to their agenda, and countries who are not. Lamenting that nations' sovereignty still stands in the way of achieving their goals of UN police forces in every cooperating nation, global taxes to achieve parity and legal systems that are overseen by the UN, the leaders schemed to figure ways to accomplish world domination by the year 2050.
  What's interesting is the language used by the UN leaders, very reflective of Dear Leader's own language. Here it is, the "fundamental transformation" they seek, available over at Fox News' exclusively, along with the documents they secured:
According to the paper prepared by Secretary General Ban’s own climate change team, however, the newly rebranded challenge still depends on the same economic remedy proposed for Copenhagen: a drastic redistribution of global wealth, “nothing less than a fundamental transformation of the global economy.”
Rolling just about every U.N. mantra into one, the paper declares that “nothing is more crucial to preventing run-away climate change than lifting billions out of poverty, protecting our planet and fostering long-term peace and prosperity for all.” 
  The United Nations has a reputation for abusing its relationships and authority, particularly with regard to rape, prostitution and pedophilia, as reported by several news organizations. The Washington Post has a story here. The Times online here and The Weekly Standard here.
  In fact, accusations of UN corruption aren't unusual.
  The excellent reporter Claudia Rosette has done extensive research on the UN over at Canada Free Press.
  Although it's a ridiculous notion to think of the United Nations trying to run the United States in its corrupt decrepitness, it certainly isn't unthinkable that our current Dear Leader would try to cede sovereignty, even in bits and pieces, from ourselves to such buffoons as Ban ki-Moon.
  After all, who believes in American exceptionalism anymore?

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