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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Morning roundup

Once again,the Obama machine was twisting arms to get people to show up for a planned appearance. How many students turned out to see him yesterday in Wisconsin? There is this little interesting nugget at the Badger Herald:
Many people thought the location was too cramped and Madison had more desirable locations to offer, such as the top of Bascom Hill or the Capitol.
“I thought that with the construction and the overall small size of Library Mall somewhere like the Kohl Center would have been better suited for the event,” Callan said.
This little article also mentions that a whopping 30 people showed up afterward to discuss the scintillating appearance of The One. 
  Fox News says the line stretched for a mile. Hm.  
  Meanwhile it appears Alan Grayson's seat is in danger, (PLEASE!) with his opponent 43-36 in the lead. Over at Sunshine State News are the details. In fact, it appears Grayson is raising money for his opponent Daniel Webster.

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