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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The differences between Beck and One Nation rallies

Other than the obvious, Byron York sums up quite nicely the differences between the Restoring Honor rally and the anti-American rally at the Washington Examiner. The rally, which combines a variety of noxious anti-American shill groups who glorify trouble and work only for themselves, will most likely be large, borne in school buses from various districts across the country. Read over at the Washington Examiner:
First, the Beck rally was essentially the work of one person, albeit one with a big megaphone in talk radio and cable news; the One Nation rally will be the product of the combined organizing power of the country's largest unions. And second, while the Beck rally was self-consciously non-political, the One Nation gathering will be frankly partisan. "It's time to stand up and march for the change we voted for," say organizers.

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