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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September surprises

UPDATE: More on the Whitman situation over at NRO. Apparently it was ILLEGAL to fire someone if the employer receives a no-match letter. Krikorian at NRO:

And even if Whitman was sent a no-match letter, and her illegal-alien maid actually gave it to her, here’s a paragraph from the letter (emphasis added):
You should not use this letter to take any adverse action against an employee just because his or her Social Security number appears on the list, such as laying off, suspending, firing , or discriminating against the individual. Doing so could, in fact, violate state or federal law and subject you to legal consequences.

  No one's surprised when democrats get ugly. The incident with Palladino in New York is a good example of how NOT to handle the press. Though it is understandable that Palladino was furious over the press's treatment of his daughter, he shouldn't be threatening people and losing his temper. Sure, he's a colorful figure but he has to get used to shmoozing the press. While we are enjoying the fact that the tea partiers are straight talkers and unpolished, tea party candidates need to learn how to handle the annoying cockroaches that are the press.
  OTOH, Gloria Allred's treatment of Whitman is despicable. Allred and her type all want illegals to become legal so what's the problem with Whitman having paid this woman's salary for nine years, thinking she was legal? Is the problem that Whitman fired her when she found out the woman was illegal? The firing is required by law. So what exactly is the argument Allred has for doing what she did? 
  The woman deceived Whitman and Whitman fired her. Malkin takes a hard line and says Whitman should have known because she received notices of "no-match" from Social Security. 
The Whitman household, contrary to the candidate’s flat denials, did in fact receive the red-flag letter six years ago. Contrary to Whitman campaign supporters’ insinuations that the maid stole the letter, she was apparently in legal, legitimate possession of it. Whitman’s husband gave it to her and passed the buck. 
  Hugh Hewitt had an interview with Allred over this matter. Read what Allred did when he pursued the issue with her over at Townhall:

Allred hung up on me when it became obvious that I simply wasn't going to allow her to repeat her allegations without establishing first a theory of the law under which Whitman could be understood to have done anything wrong.
  So the maid, whom we may assume was trusted by the family since she worked for them for nine years, gets fired, goes crying in front of cameras that they were mean to her when they fired her and is now angry about what? They shouldn't have fired her? They shouldn't have hired her in the first place? Allred says the job was really hard and a "nightmare." The maid cries that she couldn't get all the work done in 15 hours a week at $23 a week but they wouldn't give her more money or get her an immigration attorney when she finally told them the truth.
  Huh. I guess she wasn't too happy to receive $23 an hour for unskilled labor when she was in the country illegally and had presented false and deceitful papers to her employer.
  Here's the video if you can't stand to watch the whining, and the simpering and Allred leaning over and hugging the poor abused woman.
  Just sayin.'

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic
A better video is over at TMZ, if you can stand to watch the whole thing. To really get the context though, you need to watch it. Link to TMZ here.

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