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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Christian by choice?

  What on earth can a man mean when he says he's a Christian by choice? What person is a Christian by force? That isn't what our religion is about, unlike certain other religions. This comment betrays something about Obama about which I do not want to speculate. Over at News Busters:

During a townhall meeting at a New Mexico residence, President Obama proclaimed that he was a "Christian by choice." He said that he came to the faith recently, believing that the Christian precepts of "being my brother's and sister's keeper" and "treating others as they would treat me" defined the kind of life he wanted to live.
   Meanwhile, back at the backyard rodeo where The One is continuing to divide the country by excoriating Republicans, conservatives, Fox News, Fox News watchers and anyone who disagrees with him, Obama gets caught in the bull's horns. 

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