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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kaptur vs Kucinich in Democratic Primary

Rep. Dennis Kucinich will run for reelection in Ohio next year. He will face Marcy Kaptur in the Democratic primary for a new district that has about half of his old district and half of Kaptur's. It looks as if someone will earn a much needed retirement. The Republicans in control of the state legislature had to eliminate two seats because of the state's stagnant population growth. The party decided to take a more cautious approach and insure that they would hold four of the five seats they won back from the Democrats in 2010 rather than trying to hold all five and risking them all flipping back. Instead of targeting Kucinich exclusively, as some expected, Republican line-drawers made it hard for him to win reelection while also chopping up Rep. Betty Sutton's Akron-based district. She will either have to run against Rep. Jim Renacci in a Republican-leaning district or challenge Rep. Tim Ryan in a primary.

1 comment:

  1. Oooo thanks. I did not know this. Kucinich will lose but that's kind of a shame since he's so entertaining. Would love to get rid of Marcy.