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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symbolism over substance

  Over at WaPo, Richard Cohen laments the difference between Obama's magnificent speech in Tucson (gag) and his speech at the memorial of his unfriend Richard Holbrooke. Considering what a shill Cohen is, it's interesting that he's complaining about Obama's indifference regarding the death of one in his administration.
  Speaking of that Tucson speech, Byron York over at Washington Examiner has had an unforgettably insightful and analytical piece about the manipulation in that speech. Here's a smidgen:

By the time he spoke in Tucson, Obama had let four days pass while some of the angriest voices in the media -- his supporters -- either blamed Republicans directly for the killings or blamed the GOP for creating the atmosphere in which the violence took place.  During those four days, the president could have cooled the conversation by urging everyone to avoid jumping to conclusions, as he did the day after the November 2009 massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas.  But he didn't.  Only after Loughner's insanity had been indisputably established did Obama concede that politics was not to blame for the shooting.
  This piece is not to be missed.
  Symbolism is valued over substance, as Rush always says.

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