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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michelle Ooooooooo those outfits!

Michelle O, fashion icon, makes some interesting choices. This is leaving Hawaii, via Huffington Post (couldn't find a photo credit):
  I don't usually pick on people for looking fat, being a somewhat vain person myself, but, hey, I didn't put myself in charge of everyone working out, feeling bad about trans-fats and pulling any kind of sugar from the market and the schools. This chick, I'm sayin', isn't the one to be pointin' fingers at the rest of the "obesity epidemic" population.
  Plus, what's this whole fashion icon thing? I mean, that's one butt ugly outfit. Plus look at the gams in the next pic. 
  I mean, seriously? 
  The video is even worse, as the press comes dangerously close to exposing some stretchy material covering important body parts. 
  Just sayin'. 
  HuffPo again, no photo credit.

  Yowza. Just sayin.' Is there a reason she's hunching?

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