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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Massive car pileup in Detroit-UPDATE

  WJR is saying that there is a massive car pileup in Detroit with known deaths as a result of numerous snow squalls and icy roads. Detroit is under a winter weather advisory. This is at I-75 and Springwell at the bridge. At least 30 vehicles are involved and many injured are still at the scene with the jaws of life being used to pry people from vehicles. In addition, passersby are being employed to keep those who survived warm.
  WJR-A tangled mess of trucks and vehicles. A nightmare. Quite a sight to see, according to reporter.
  Two confirmed dead in the approach to the Rouge River Bridge. MState Police say the massive wreck site both north and south bound is closed and will be there for a while. Cars sandwiched between semis. One car looks wrung out like a dishrag. Green vest first responders everywhere.
  Reports of a gasoline tanker among the wrecked vehicles. 
  Wreck site goes for at least a mile.
  Reporter is at the base of the bridge.
  All 4 lanes deadlocked. Obviously avoid the area. Many many emergency vehicles, ambulances backed up. Horrific.
  Freeway will be closed for many many hours.
  Four dead, 3 children, 1 adult. They're saying two again now. Four again.
Photo from Kathryn Larson WWJ
Live updates over here. Cars are actually moving now as tow trucks are pulling vehicles away.
A level THREE HAZMAT threat as they are uncertain what materials are involved.

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