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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is Algore suffering from emotional incontinence?

  Wow, Algore is big as a house these days, not to mention being criticized for his sale of Current to AlJazeera.
  The only thing I can figure out is these bozo elitists feel betrayed by Algore and now find it acceptable to pound his fat rolls into the ground, making him laugh in many inappropriate ways.
  Note the incredibly awkward laughter, particularly in the Letterman interview:

  Perhaps ManBearPig is living with PBA, a brain disorder that's recently been advertised by Avanir, which terms inappropriate laughter as a symptom of "emotional incontinence."
  Probably we shouldn't mention that Avanir is making loads of dough (stock has doubled since the ad began running) from the drug that they're peddling to treat PBA.

Ah, how the mighty have fallen.
  A fat little head sitting on top of a huge body, concealing emotional incontinence, no doubt.
  So sad.

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