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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I turned over a rock and look what was under it...

  At some point, one would think the Obamabots would stop blaming everyone else for the mess they've made of the economy.
  ~Apparently Jay Carney thinks that the outlook is rosy regarding jobs and growth. The most spending is done in the 4th quarter so the gross GDP should be up, not down, yet the economy appears to be contracting. One more bad quarter and the recession is official.
  ~The only reason the Dow is up is because of the Fed printing trillions and trillions of dollars. Oh, that'll catch up one day when they stop printing. 
  ~In a post entitled "The Rise of America's Lunatic Fringe" at the mysterious Zerohedge, anonymous writer Tyler Durden (a pseudonym) suggests there is a reason so many people no longer believe the government representatives, have given up or are in despair and have given in to government dependency:
When trust is gone, everything becomes an affront, a conspiracy, a power grab by the elite.  The recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives the President incredibly broad powers, seems to obviate both habeas corpus and the entire Bill of Rights.  When the trust is gone, people are less willing to believe that such a bill would never be used recklessly, or vindictively to put down vocal opponents of whatever Administration happens to be in power at the time.  When trust is gone, the people question new efforts to alter the Second Amendment, even if many are personally outraged at the rash of gun violence that has come to epitomize the United States, so they rush to guns rather than run from them.  When the trust is gone, the message of the Lunatic Fringe is afforded greater reception.  When the trust is gone the Fringe grows into the mainstream.  When trust is gone in some aspects of governance, all governance is questioned. 
The government can no longer afford to ignore the Lunatic Fringe, because it is becoming less loon and more understandably and righteously indignant every day.   
  ~Oh, and there's this. Study: The new ethanol mandates could destroy your engine.
Except for a small minority of corn growers and ethanol producers, corn ethanol is a bad deal for everybody else: it damages automobile engines and fuel systems, it’s bad for the environment, it requires billions of dollars extracted from US taxpayers, and it raises fuel and food prices for consumers.
  So, def, let's subsidize and promote ethanol. And who cares if the UN--that highly corrupt inefficient organization--is begging the US to stop with the ethanol and give the corn to the hungry instead? And who cares if Al Gore's admitted it was all a hoax to get people to vote for him? If ethanol wrecks your car engine, the government will buy you a new one, right?
  ~And, gosh, the labor unions have finally discovered how much health care is going to cost under Obamacare. Wahh! We went out, they scream!
  From the WSJ, via Zerohedge:
The Sheet Metal Workers International Association helped push for passage of the health law. Mr. Beall said he still believes everyone should have health insurance, but worries the law is undermining the union's ability to offer coverage.

"If we're not offering our members insurance and pension, why would you want to be union?" he asked.
  Um. Ya THINK? So it's your very existence you're worried about? Duh. Shoulda thoughta that. Remember, #nosympathy. 
  ~Millionaire athletes moving from California. Big surprise. You'd think "friendliness" would be part of a state's approach to both millionaires and business but, hey. If you're Rahm or Governor Moonbeam, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
  ~And take a look at this hooter. Michelle Obama tweeted out today that they were "harvesting" these cabbages TODAY. Mmmm. Don't we all love cabbage harvested on January 31?
  Wow! In Michelle Obama's unicorn world, they don't even get cold weather or snow in January! It IS 46 degrees there today but who knew you could pull 16 heads of cabbage out of the garden at the end of January and a basket of broccoli!
  Wow. I really am impressed.
  There's really no coherent theme in this thread, other than the fact that lies, lies and more lies are the order of the day and people are getting tired of it.
UPDATE: Keith Koffler notes that FLOTUS posted this photo soon after he pointed out that her Let's Move campaign appeared to have halted. Koffler also mentions that the recipe to which this "cabbage" photo is linked is called "Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes."
  In the entire country, I wonder if anyone actually made a "yummy" dish called Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes.


  1. My eyes aren't that bad. Michelle's cabbage is lettuce. See how it's been bleached?

  2. Hm. You're probably right. Although wait the lower head looks like the veins of cabbage. Oh, well, it's all a lie anyway so I guess it really doesn't matter what it is.

  3. "There's really no coherent theme in this thread, other than the fact that lies, lies and more lies are the order of the day and people are getting tired of it."

    I hate to be the cynic but I don't think anyone is getting tired of it. I think they--even people who sympathize with us--are getting numb. This administration has carpet-bombed us with falsehood even before they took office. I sincerely believe that it is their strategy to spread lies at such a head-spinning rate that it will overload the fact checkers. It seems to be effective.

  4. Yes, numb is probably a better description. You're right. You just reach a point where you can't think clearly. The outrage only goes so far, you know? I just don't want to give up.