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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

  The Cult of Obama continues, exemplified in this video, H/T Gateway Pundit.
  The stench of this is pretty overwhelming but you've been watching this video for the last four years and you'll have to watch it for four more.
  The internet is filled with video depictions of this very mindset, including many worshipful songs that extol the greatness of this skinny man, the recitation of "poetry"-like presentations and countless sycophantic expositions on why everyone needs to know just how impressive BO is.
  For the record: Barack Hussein Obama is NOT Jesus Christ, nor is he the anti-Christ. That he allows his worshipers to slobber over him the way he does speaks to the man's lack of character, vaunted narcissism and temptation to listen only to admirers.
  I believe in God and, personally, I'd rather not stand next to a fellow who sees himself as like unto God. Lots of bad things happen, like when someone (thought to be Nimrod) thought he could build a biblical structure called Babel.

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