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Saturday, September 10, 2011

More on The New York 9th

As reported on this blog earlier Republican Bob Turner is leading Democratic assemblyman
David Weprin in the race for Rep. Anthony Weiner's old seat. A new Siena poll puts Turner ahead by six percent, 50 to 44. The Republicans have not won this seat since 1921. It has been won by such Democratic icons as Geraldine Ferraro and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Losing this seat would be, as Vice President Joe Biden would say, "a big f'ing deal". Even in the first Siena poll Weprin was losing in the Jewish Brooklyn section of the district. A good case can be made the Weprin is a very weak candidate. He is not knowledgeable on national issues and he voted for New York's gay marriage law but when a fellow Democratic Orthodox Jewish assemblyman Dov Hikind endorses the Irish Catholic something is wrong and badly so. Other notable Democrats endorsing Turner include Jews, Jerry Spring and former mayor Ed Koch.

If David Weprin is a weak candidate Bob Turner is weaker. Turner, a cable television executive who has never held elected office guessed the national debt to be about $4 trillion in a debate, something any Tea Party member knows is less than a third of its size. Two things seem to driving the vote both of which should put deep wrinkles in the foreheads of national Democrats. The first is the loss of confidence among Jewish voters in Obama's willingness to protect Israel. The second driver is Obama's declining popularity. From The Hill; “The whole national debate has moved away from what the Republicans have done with Medicare to the national dialogue that the president hasn’t been able to talk about the economy effectively and that hurts congressional Democrats,” said one top Democratic strategist who asked not to be named so he could speak candidly.

Unless Obama can turn his numbers around soon 2012 is going to be a Democratic blood bath! Rack 'em up and wait for 2014.

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