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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yeah, we know. Liberals are BETTER than everyone else.

  So running back and forth to the hospital this week, I've generally been avoiding politics and talk radio. When you are dealing with hospitals, you don't really want to hear ranting about how the whole planet is going to hell.
  I suspect others feel the same way.
  I just hit a wall last weekend and couldn't listen to one more debate. 
  Anyway this was a link in my email and I thought it was kind of funny. I understand it's been around the web today so if you've seen it, whatever.
  The attitude of this young woman is something I've personally seen many times.
  Liberals are the smart ones. Liberals are the tolerant ones. Liberals know the best way for everything. If only THESE liberals were in charge, socialism/communism would be SO great.
  Except no.
  So weepy miss, here ya go. 
  Obviously you haven't had to face academia or the media or television or the general Leftist population that sneers at anything remotely  Christian, conservative and/or Republican.
  So whatever. You have my sympathy.
  Kind of.
  But not really. 
  This is an autoplay video and I really can't stand to see it every day so here's the link to Miss Weepy-Republicans are SO mean....

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