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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Obama's joke about Scalia's death typical

  In case you were shocked that Obama did not attend the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice, here's another shocker.
  He and the wife spent 2 whole minutes on Friday, closing eyes giving silent Salat al-'asr, er, prayers for the man.
  Then he made a disgusting disrespectful joke about Scalia's death. Not funny. 
  Obama's fond of paying his respects at the funerals of like thinkers, just as he paid respects to the Black Lives Matter crowd on Thursday, along with the inimitable Al Sharpton, praising them for their hard work.
  He also did not acknowledge the 9 officers who have been murdered in the last 10 days.
  But we've grown to expect this these days, right?
  Personally, I love this country.
  Too bad there are so many in charge who don't.

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