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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The difference between the debt and the deficit.Duh.

  I was in Florida last week staying at a mom & pop cottage populated by elderly snow birds and advertising a pool heated to old people temperatures. Very nice.
  I might note that much of the opinion around the cottages was that this country is in trouble.
  Except for one very genteel retired college professor. 
  She had taught "history," (of course) and when we started talking politics, she said, "Ah am read-y fo Hillary!"
  Noticing my Carson cap, she asked in her most tolerant and gracious Southern drawl, "Now what experience does that man have to deh-serve being president?" to which I responded, "Who HAS experience being president?" which shut her up on that topic.
  The truth is that Obama's experience both before and during his presidency is abysmal but why confuse the genteel with facts.
  Anyway she rattled off Obama's so-called financial successes, crowing the party line that Obama is fiscally responsible because he lowered the deficit.
  Personally my eyes roll back into my head when the debt/deficit topic comes up; I worry they'll stay back there permanently when anyone suggests that Obama-of the taxpayer paid millions of dollars vacations-is remotely fiscally responsible.
  Apparently Democrats don't know that there is a difference between what you're spending on an annual basis and what we owe as a nation long term to all those white haired snow birds sipping wine on Florida beaches actually worked for their Social Security checks.
The administration has placed the nation “on a fiscal collision course,” Boccia said, “with Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid driving more than half of the projected increase in spending over the next decade.”
The Congressional Budget Office continues to warn of mounting debt, noting that “the long-term outlook for the federal budget has worsened dramatically over the past several years.”
Reduced now, the deficit soon will grow, according to CBO. Citing increased health care and retirement entitlements in addition to mounting debt payments, the agency predicts that budget deficits “will rise substantially, to $1 trillion in 2025.”
  I found a pretty good explanation of the difference between debt and deficit over at Politifact for math idiots like me:
Deficit=one year.
Debt=all money owed.
  So when the Obamabots, no matter how edumacated they appear to be, declare that Obama has lowered the deficit and when conservatives claim the deficit came down in spite of Obama, it makes no difference in the long run
  The concern is that this country cannot sustain its astounding debt, that Obama is the 20 trillion president who has doubled the nation's debt and accumulated more debt than all other presidents combined.
  I guess rewriting history is kind of a thing for genteel Southern professors.
  I call it lying.

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