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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rubio's right-Obama knows what he's doing

  I'm not a big Rubio fan, though I was encouraged when Jindal, whom I admire greatly, endorsed him.
  I thought Christie's criticism of him was stupid, considering that everyone on the stump says the same thing over and over. Nothin' new.
  He's right though about Obama.
  I think we've all struggled with wondering whether Obama's just incompetent or intentional when it comes to his attempts to destroy our country.
  Obama has consistent sided with our enemies and not the people who want freedom demonstrated in the uprisings in Islamic countries.
  He's traded traitors for enemy commanders.
  He's run the long term debt into oblivion, adding more in debt than all previous presidents combined.
  He's ridiculed the presidency, ridiculed patriots who oppose him, ridiculed Christians while going out of his way to support the criminal class and those who oppose freedom in this country.
  So in case you didn't know, Obama who always brags that he taught Constitutional law, he didn't.
  He was a "lecturer" who was appointed as a "political favor," and instead taught Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, as shown here in this image:

     Now if you don't know who Alinsky was, he's the one who mentions in the foreword to his book that Lucifer was the first radical who organized communities.
  So when we think about what Obama has done "for" our country, you might want to take a look at these rules for radicals.
  Read carefully because you are seeing Alinsky's most powerful disciple (other than Lucifer) at work every day.

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