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Sunday, February 7, 2016

ABC debate: the RNC lost

  I have several takeaways from last night ABC debate:
  Carly should have been on that stage.
  Many of the questions were intended to bait the candidates into beating up on each other.
  The audience was stacked with RINO establishment fans.
  When Cruz related the story of his addict sister, there was some odd noise in the background from the audience. What was that about? Was that noise intentional to distract from a moving moment by Cruz?
  Trump did pretty well, Cruz got beat up, Bush did better than usual, Christie did great, Rubio was exposed as a stump speecher, Kasich is trying hard to beat his grumpy gnome image and Carson did well. He's a good guy.
  Again, I don't think it's so much a matter of who won but who lost, but if I had to say who won, I"d probably say Christie gained the most ground because he's focused on issues and because he's mentally adroit enough to not only answer questions but point out the weaknesses of other characters.
  Who lost?
  Well, obviously the RNC lost.
  The audience was so obviously stacked any observer faithful enough to spend 3 hours on a Saturday night watching a brawl fest would notice that the RNC is trying to sway our opinions by stacking the audience.
  How dumb is that.
  Trump was right to call them out on that. Now we learn his fans were only given 20 tickets.
    An interesting moment occurred right at the beginning as the candidates were entering. Christie was called, entered, Carson was sent out to but couldn't hear his name so stood in the wings with the camera trained on him.
  Next Trump comes out but apparently chooses to stand with Carson; when Bush passes Trump he flicked him with his hand.
  Does Trump stand with Carson intentionally so he won't be awkward, as Conservative Treehouse says? 
  I don't know.
  But I liked the moment and thought Trump was classy in this instance while Bush looked, well, puny and thoughtless.
  Add that moment to Bush's decision to haul his 90 year old mother out with her walker in the snow. Meh.
  BTW, I don't agree with this YouTuber's assessment that this is a "hilarious" moment.

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