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Sunday, March 14, 2010

LA Times goes after Thomas's wife

Andy McCarthy at NRO notices some inequities. Here is a link to the LA Times article. It's pretty despicable. Let's be honest. If you're a liberal, you can do anything. You can campaign for terrorists and expect anonymity when you get a job in the DOJ. You can start a "coffee party" as a radical left wing wackadoo activist and be proclaimed a sensible moderate (think CODE PINK). As a media person, you can urge congressional members to pass the bill "for him," The One,as Andrea Mitchell begged the other day.

No, none of that bothers the media. The Court's ballyhooed "impartiality" is only threatened because a conservative male justice is married to a conservative woman who has a life and career of her own, which was once thought to be the feminist ideal.
I've been writing a lot lately about the disconnect between the American legal profession and the American mainstream. The legacy media is no different from the bar on this score. Because of that, it is shriveling into extinction. It can't survive on a competitive playing field by enraging its consumer base — the only potential savior on the horizon is the possibility of a bail-out by our current Leftist government (i.e., Democrats forcing the public to underwrite what the public doesn't want to buy). Today is just the latest example of why it is heading downn the tubes. That's one part of the silver lining. The other is that the hit piece is likely to have the opposite effect from what the Times intended.

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