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Friday, June 10, 2016

Trump, the anti-Obama candidate

  So I really have to laugh, the more I think about it.
  The media, the DNC and so many Americans have been so proud of themselves for electing an anti-American, er, I mean, an historic president.
  We've had 8 years of glowing "He's like a GODDDD!" analogies.
  We've had almost 8 years of cries of racism with every perceived offense.
  We've had almost 8 years of delicate little snowflakes ruining colleges.
  And 8 years of political correctness.
  We've had almost 8 years of federal corruption at all levels.
  People are tired of this, fed up with the racist prejudices of the Left against anyone who doesn't think the way they do.
  And now, as a result of 54 different gender choices, we have Donald Trump.
  The most politically incorrect, so-called racist, homophobic, misogynist and unapologetic presidential candidate in history.
  Do we see any connection here?
  Everyone knows Trump is flawed; he's sort of inoculated himself, in a way, by being so bombastic that the only people who are shocked by what he says are the politically correct, which of course they would have been no matter who ran against Hillary.
  They've been running numerous anti-Trump ads every hour here in Ohio; the problem is, every time they show some "shocking" thing Trump has said or done, I laugh.
  There ya go.

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