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Friday, June 10, 2016

Lerner turns Ali memorial into pro Hillary rally

  You know, it's amazing how Democrats can ruin even a memorial for a popular public figure. 
  If you've watched the Ali memorial, you already know what I mean. Shades of Paul Wellstone echo historically.
  Left winger Rabbi Michael Lerner chose to use his time as a cheering session for Hillary, full of invectives toward Israel and kudos for a Palestinian state. Lots of clapping and cheers while the camera focused on a grinning Bill Clinton who murmured to the person beside him. The anti-Trump sentiment was not too far below the surface.
  Then there's Valerie Jarrett, sporting huge spectacles, who referred to Ali (or Obama? hard to tell) as King of the World, who just had to pull a me-me-me and refer to her Beloved to grab cheers because Obama.
  Ali's 4th wife of 30 years Lonnie Ali took the stage wearing a disconcertingly large black hat so huge that only her mouth was visible. 
  The focus of the memorial was many faith centered--diversity--and particularly Islam.
  Parkinson's is a terrible disease. Ali carried himself well, even to the end.
  What is it about memorials that makes people talk more about themselves than the deceased? Curious.

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