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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hillary the golden goddess. Um. No.

  They've had the long knives out for Trump since he got in, but the last week has been, well, both disgusting and remarkable.
  Chris Plante has been snarking on the way the Clinton News Network has been trying to turn Hillary into a golden goddess.
  They literally used a Hollywood type filter to make Hillary's skin look gold. I suppose this is to perceive her **HISTORY***HISTORY***HISTORY*** making entry into the presidential race as extraordinary as Obama's was.
  I mean, fixated with race as the DNC/MSM machine is, they're still slavishly placing glowlights behind Obama the Lightbringer's head and remarking how popular and "funny" he is to much of the American public (they get their stats from the same place they get their economic stats).
  But now the professional camera and microphone bearers are racing to Hillary's side of the stage, slobbering and drooling to ask her hard hitting questions like, "How does it feel to be making history?" and "Aren't you just EXHAUSTED with all the campaigning?"
  Of course, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear even if the sow is wearing a $12,000 Armani jacket that looks like a carpet moomoo while she complains about income inequality.
  So if you're CNN you whip out the golden filters.
  And there ya go.
  So you start with this, which looks like her head is on backwards anyway but oh well.
Then you do this:
  See? That's MUCH better and more convincing that SHE is the next BIG THING to barrel down the road because **HISTORY**.
  Here's the unaltered by MRC video...altered, of course, by CNN.
  To any reasonable eye, this is pretty horrible but to the CNN video editors who got hold of some Hollywood effects, I guess they think this makes her look good.
  I mean, really, though, she looks like she just shot right out of hell.   Hellary. Huh.

  Well, that wasn't enough and obviously it didn't really work well, so the next day, as Chris Plante noted, CNN tried this filter, which makes her look silver which admittedly is better than the gold filter but can't do much about the head on backwards thing.
  Now when I saw her do this on Fox, I thought she looked crazy or sorta like a character from Austin Powers but I guess the obsequious press didn't see it that way.
  Would we say this is press bias? 
  I think we are way beyond that. This is pretty insane and it's only going to turn the Trumpsters into more loyal and determineed Trumpsters.
  Because this is what the Republican side of the aisle is getting.
  And, yes, our candidate is Trump but let's be honest. Any Republican is a target for the press.
  Because this is really funny.
  Isn't it?


  1. Replies
    1. You weren't enthralled by Hillary and her historic nomination. She is the first candidate of either party to win its nomination while being the target of an FBI investigation.