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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary: the uncharismatic robot

  Admittedly it's not that racially appealing when Donald Trump refers to "my African American" off stage, as if the man is some sort of servant. Or worse.
  Trump free wheels his speeches like he's weaving in and out of a roundabout  but his fans of all skin colors seem to allow him room to flub the language because he's so obviously making political correctness an issue in his campaign, even while claiming "I gotta be who I am."
  People in general are tired of being accused of imaginary infractions dreamed up by Left wing anti-god Puritanists, so they're willing to let Trump have leeway.
  Then we have Hillary, Trump's alter ego in reverse.
  Hillary is truly not who she is. She's a character created decades ago (not unlike Obama, to be truthful) in the smoky rooms of 60s academia.
  Her speeches are so breathtakingly bad that it's hard to believe anyone cheers after anything she says, but so they do, aping her mannerisms and drooling over every word.
  Her arms flail oddly, her finger pointing awkwardly at the crowd. She nods her head as if agreeing with the crowd's cheers--"I'm so great! We all agree! See what brilliant points I'm making!"
  In this particular performance in Oxnard, her head bounces down every 10 seconds to check her notes (this woman really needs a teleprompter and prepared speech); her body keeps pacing while her eyes navigate uncertainly back to her printed page,even while nodding to keep the crowd's attention.
  But what she says and the way she says it...she screams something about the deceased Mohammed Ali being able to follow his dreams. Geez, if there's anything more uninspiring than that, I haven't heard it.
  Her shoulders move squarely like a football player's and her voice has its usual scratchy sickliness. It's almost as if she's a....robot??? 
  Couldn't they have written her program with more, say, humor?


  1. This election cycle is overstocked with villains. Everyone can pick someone to loath.