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Friday, April 22, 2016

My rambling: introducing Tea Party 2.0

  I have many friends who are horrified by Donald Trump. They simply cannot bring themselves to think of the man as POTUS.
  At the WSJ, Peggy Noonan--she of the GOPe-- has written an eloquent elegy for politics in America, primarily the Republican Party.
My Moment came a month ago. I’d recently told a friend my emotions felt too close to the surface—for months history had been going through me and I felt like a vibrating fork. I had not been laughing at the splintering of a great political party but mourning it. Something of me had gone into it. Party elites seemed to have no idea why it was shattering, which meant they wouldn’t be able to repair it, whatever happens with Mr. Trump.
  I might remind the morose Noonan that we in the hinterlands have been observing this mess from afar for quite some time and that's how we've gotten to the Donald Trump candidacy. 
  We're fed up with politicians like Jeff Flake who say the right things to get elected and then, when they get to DC , turn into monsters who only care about maintaining their parking spots in DC and their special favors from the TSA.
  But for myself, I cannot live like this. I cannot dwell in the negative, believing that this great country has fallen to the fatal charms of one Barack Obama and the bullies that run the Left.
  For myself, I believe there are seasons in life, in worship, that reveal that this life is a step away from another more important life. 
  Yes, I believe in Jesus. I believe in God. And I pretty much don't believe in humankind (or is it "manunkind"?) in the long run of the universe. 
  Men will be lovers of self, we read in the Bible, and if that isn't true today I don't know what is.
   And yet so many of us struggle to be good people, good parents, friends and citizens, looking for truth, like beggars who seek real food, not garbage from a public trash can. 
  So when we see Obama admonishing the Brits (whom he has repeatedly insulted) that they need to stay in his personal dream of the EU, I can only shake my head and wish the mess that is the Obama administration will be over with as little additional damage as possible.
  What's so astonishing is that this narcissist is so apparently unaware that he is being ridiculed around the world. So un-self-conscious that he feels comfortable doing whatever he pleases without regard of public perception. Indeed his entire administration has been one of disregard for public opinion, other than his adoring sycophants' prayerful worship
  So this:
...because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 
  Uh, yeah.
  And how can anyone not see this truth:
For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.
  Really, I can't abide the pompous and often ludicrous assertions of the academics, the political class, the elite. 
  So Springsteen won't perform in NC where parents don't want men in the bathroom with their daughters but he will perform in countries where they actually kill gay people? Subjugate women?
  So presidential candidates are willing to tie global warming to Islamic terrorists? 
  And the current POTUS can be so unconcerned about his carbon footprint as to send his wife on a separate jet to England to have tea with the Queen, an hour earlier?
  So Democrats can legally target those with whom they disagree over a difference of opinion?
  So a presidential candidate can absolutely claim no lives were lost in the struggle in Libya, openly lying not only to the public but to the families of men who died under her direction? 
  So politicians are really going to criminalize...
  Ok, wait.
  I'm not going to do this.
  Politics has been reduced to vulgarities, mud slinging, lies and unAmerican assertions that we should hate ourselves because we are so ______. 
  My trust is not really in America (which I love) but in God.
  Much of the Left is built on lies, lies that declare that we are abhorrent people who need to be more like them and then we would be good. Much of the country club right is the same.
  You know those folks who abhor God, who love themselves and who think they are always right.
  And you are an idiot.
  Personally I'm sick of politics. I'm also sick of politicians who aren't willing to actually confront the reality of the mess the Left--and the country club Right-- has created in this country.
  But my hope is not in these politicians, nor is it in Donald Trump, who has far more to lose personally than any of the people running. (Who can't laugh when you hear lazy but likeable Bernie "socialism is best" Sanders was kicked out of a communist commune for not working?)
  My hope is in something eternal.
  It is not in Donald Trump, nor is it in Ted Cruz.
  My hope is in an awakening that is taking place around the country and hopefully around the world. An awakening that is spiritual, not political.
  No politician--whether old or new--will solve the problems in this world. Sure, I wish we wouldn't have to hear about people's private parts but such is humankind.
  I am not equating the tea party movement with spirituality or Christianity.
  I am saying something big is going on in this country that many people are not willing to acknowledge and about which they are even delusional.
  This is Tea Party 2.0.
  Where it ends in this life, nobody knows.

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  1. I like this heartfelt essay. We have to step back and remind ourselves that it is all about values and that values are not created equal. Well done.