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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hillary-ious: she thumbs up a Bernie voter

  This is really hillary-ious; it reminds me of that phony meeting with a Russian official in which Hillary claimed she was presenting the Russian foreign minister with a red "reset" button, as if, like Obama, she had to apologize for the US's policies and presence in the world but from here on out, things will be just dandy!
  Anyway the Russian button didn't say "reset"--it said "overcharged."
  Her voice is so hard, so cracked, so overbearing that it's difficult to spend more than a minute listening to her, which is one reason I didn't listen to the Clinton/Sanders "debate."
  Anyway here Hillary is, LOLing over the remark of a so-called fan, not realizing the woman screamed  "I'm voting for Bernie!" Heh.
  The glories of a multicultural society come back to bite Hillary in her substantial you know what.She's just going to have to learn Spanish, like the rest of us.
  The phony thumbs up, the deep bellowing "knowing" belly laugh, the pretense that she understands Spanish...yeah. Hillary-ious.

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