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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'll be voting AGAINST the Democrat Party

  What's most remarkable about this election, I think, is the dissension among the ranks, both Republican and Democrats, largely because of Obama's divisive, hateful and activist leadership.
  The Republican race is at a sort of standstill as Trump as remained quiet for a few days after his loss in Wisconsin and retooling his campaign but it's been interesting to watch the Democrats feud.
  While most commentators love to bash the so-called Trumpsters, you might notice that Bernie followers are equally--if not more--fanatical than the Trumpsters.
  Sure, the Republican party is in danger of a third party run if they screw over Trump but the Democrat party? Hm.
  Are people aware of how much Hillary is hated?
  I have a close--extremely liberal--Obama supporting relative who cannot stand the sound of her voice, who cannot stand her candidacy, who cannot vote for her. He wouldn't discuss Sanders either.
  I also ran into a very nice person the other day who started talking politics; the spouse is pro-Trump but this person saw no other option than Hillary because of Cruz's lack of appeal. "She's a liar," I said. The person acknowledged, well, yes, I know but..." to which I commented that anyone who goes to bed without helping a couple of Americans on a Benghazi rooftop who are waiting for American helicopters to arrive....well....the discussion died there.
  The Leftist agenda is in full bloom with college campuses in meltdown over ridiculous incidents, like the "pain" of witnessing #TheChalkening or a monk being mistaken for a KKK member or criticizing the style of someone's hair as being a cultural appropriation. Those college professors deserve exactly what they get. They've carefully nourished this mess.
  Meanwhile Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton breaks the law on a NYC subway which she has trouble entering because of her lack of understanding of how the unwashed masses live. Nary a peep from the press.
  We are indeed a divided culture, at this point. It becomes harder--more of a test anyway--to become a person of faith, at least a believer in Jesus, a Jew, a can have "faith" in the government, warmists, the abortionists, the transgender pushes, "science."
  And Obama appears on American Idol declaring his administration is trying to make voting in national elections as "easy" as it is to vote on American Idol, "often and with enthusiasm." We have a queasy feeling that Democrats DO vote often with impunity.
  So the deeper into election territory we go, the more divided we will be. Soon it will be time for Trump to right his ship if he expects to win. For myself, I can barely listen to Glenn Beck anymore but have taken great delight in listening to Chris Plante's witty barbed observations. 
  Fox News has proven to have its own problems and a drop in viewership over disgust of their coverage.
  The truth for me is that I make no fabulous declarations like that skunk Eric Erickson that I will never vote for Trump.
  The truth is I will be voting against the Democrat Party candidate. Anyone who claims they will vote for Hillary rather than Trump is a fool and certainly no conservative.
  For myself, I'm quite selective what I put in my brain these days. A Trump candidacy does not have to be a bad thing.
  After all, with Hillary, we know what we get.
  With Trump, we do not.

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