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Monday, January 22, 2018

The FISA Court Has Been Lied To And It Knows It.

Normally I would be adverse to posting such a lengthy video. Quite simply I think it is the obligation of the blogger to condense the information but this video does not lend itself to that simply because it explodes one bomb after another.
Did you know that the FBI shared personal information on American citizens with private contractors? The FISA court has been aware of that for sometime and indeed is not happy about it. On April 26, 1917 it releasedt a 99 page memo spelling out its concerns. You may view it here. Scroll down to page 85 to see this discussed. The fact that this document has been in the public domain for almost a year speaks volumes germane to the level of journalistic competence in contemporary America.
Another argument for posting the video is Joe DiGenova himself. He is a superb raconteur. This interview could have been written by John LeCarre or Tom Clancy.


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