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Monday, January 8, 2018

Go ahead. Run Oprah.

    Hoosierman knows I wasn't always on the Trump fan wagon but the past year has proven to be shocking in our POTUS's pursuit of conservative principles. I simply don't believe ANY other elected Republican would have done what Trump has done in one year. He seems impervious to the vicious smears of the press.
    Now, I tried to watch those ridiculous Golden Globe awards. I really, really did.
    After about 15 minutes of watching heaving bosoms, slit skirts, self congratulatory lauds, long haired men wearing sunglasses in a lighted room and an underlying contempt for their audience (translation: people like me), I realized I had only seen 1 of the shows up for awards. (That series would be the kiddie scare fest Stranger Things. )
    The truth is that anything that comes out of Hollywood stinks. As an aficionado of British television, I can tell you why.
    Hollywood products are banal, predictable and terribly written. I don't know how much writers get paid but it's too much. I heard on the news today that Seth Myers has something like 24 writers for those couple jokes he does on some show and last night. 
    Hollywood also assumes we are all as stupid as they are.
    That, I think, is what bores me so much: the assumption that we just want shoot em up, bloody action flicks with lots of sex and shapely bodies.
    I had the misfortune of being blackmailed to see the latest Star Wars flick; I almost fell asleep except that every now and then a big boom shook my seat.
  This morning when the news informed us that Hollywood is goo-gooing over Oprah as POTUS, I was not surprised.
   Admittedly Oprah does have a few things in common with Trump; she's an entrepreneur who has made a fortune in reality tv, but I say go ahead and run her as your presidential candidate. 
  Crow about her eloquence, her "hugs," her weight. 
  Bleh. To many of us, Oprah represents everything that is wrong with the Left Coast. They're self absorbed nitwits who tweet from their hot tubs while sipping whiskey. They haven't a clue what our lives are like.
   Even if we don't count Oprah's cozy relationship with Weinstein, she has a past, too, including a disastrous sex scandal at the school she ran in South Africa.
  Same goes for Michelle Obama-that nasty condescending woman who only loves America when one of her family is in office.
  Looks like Joe Biden, of he of the toupee and fake white teeth, is the best hope of the Democrat loons.


  1. Don't you wonder if someday the Dems will enbrace their identity as the party of the rich and famous and their obsequious fans? Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks and Mark Zuckerberg will move to red states and use their financial clout to buy senate, congressional and gubernatorial seats. And of course, Oprah will take the White House. Seems like a more viable strategy than a Biden/Michelle ticket.

  2. I often wonder if Republicans will ever EMBRACE that they are the party of the working man, not the country clubber. It really is remarkable that Trump has managed to cross those boundaries into union territory. Today, the farmers. A month ago, the miners. Then there's my stock market funds. Geez. I'm pretty sure they'll outlast any of Ohio's union pension funds. Honestly, you are right about Dems being the party of the rich snobs. Gah.