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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Republican elites: Trump won. Get over it.

  Anyone who reads this column with regularity (those 2 of you out there) knows that Donald Trump isn't my candidate.
  However, I find the GOP elite's, the political pundits' and the other candidates' disdain for the will of the people appalling. They need to just STHU.
  The people have spoken, and I have a feeling when Bernie goes down a lot more of them are going to speak loudly. 
  This time the people aren't going to tolerate the underhanded way both parties are trying to reorder the will of the people by manipulating the system and ignoring hundreds of millions of people. Watching them flailing like T -Rex dinosaurs at a banquet table is good entertainment but the red meat is watching Hillary lose repeatedly to an old geezer Communist.
  That grating scratchy voice bellowing that "it's time we stop bellowing and start talking to one another" is as laughter-generating for a Trump fan as a five year old's visit to the circus. 
  The woman's a nightmare and her admirers' accolades are falling on deaf ears as the reality of her obnoxiousness reaches new and profound heights.
  I figure Biden and Warren are waiting in the wings for Hillary's indictment. That could be real trouble. 
  Anyway, if you're like me, then you've adjusted your mind to the fact that The Orange One will be entertaining us for some time. He's enjoying the limelight and so are we.
  As we can see by the one third of West Virginia Democrat voters' decisions to support Trump, Trump has a lot more support than CNN or MSNBC has acknowledged. 
  They're shocked. 
  Haha. Shocked, I tell ya.


  1. It just felt good to be on the winning side for once. I knocked on doors in 5 counties and I could feel the momentum shift as election day approached. I have no idea how many volunteers worked out of that office but it was huge. When all was done there were Trump signs all over town but I only saw two Cruz signs in my county. It was fun!

  2. Funny. I haven't seen ONE Hillary sign around here. I've seen a few BERNIEs but NO Hillary. I think people are just fed up with the routine crap we've all been putting up with. Glad you had a good time. It's invigorating!

    1. I only saw one Cruz sign in the 5 counties I worked.