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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's march goes raunchy

  If you're not exhausted from 48 hours of watching Trump's inauguration, you might make the mistake of tuning into CNN, which is covering wall to wall the numerous persons who have turned out to see celebrities bark cliches, swaying bulging thighs squeezed into stretch pants, unintelligible screams in unison and purpose, then be my guest.
  Newly invigorated (from both the left and the right) from yesterday's festivities, we have the women's march today, including one Ashley Judd talking about her periods, her blood stained pants and Donald Trump having sexual thoughts about his daughter.
  All those comments are incredibly disgusting but I guess what I find most revolting is Judd's "Southern" (read: Black) accent reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's "Ah'm noways tar-ed" speech which was delivered to a primarily Black audience.
  Of course, in Lefty World this would be called "cultural appropriation."
  But then, I guess that's only if you are other than Lefty.
  Warning. Offensive and culturally appropriative language.
  Which are, of course, hallmarks of Lefty World.
  If interested, you can actually read about it here.

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