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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Obama scandals continue

  I've often commented that Obama makes appointments based on the desire to make himself look better; obviously (rather than for the good of the country) Obama also looks for easily manipulated and/or thuggish politically devious staff. 
  How else to explain Hillary Clinton? Timothy Geithner? Eric Holder?
  And then John Kerry.
  John Kerry. 
  Married to a loaded Republican's widow, kept "man" to Tah-ra-zah and the quintessential Boston Brahmin that so many of the elite used to ridicule, now spends his Gatsby days sporting around the globe, old man, and talking through his nose to accomplish the impossible achieve Middle East peace while lecturing India on their carbon emissions.
  Now that he's Secretary of State, we know what's important to him. 
  The Impossible Dream.
  And his $7 million gas guzzling carbon emitting yacht. (And there's this.)
  When a CBS reporter spotted him, the State Department in true Benghazi form, lied about his whereabouts, claiming Kerry was working hard all day in DC on the Egypt mess. 
  Then another CBS reporter saw him. Oopsie! Darn those omnipresent cameras! You might say he just kinda Lurched into that tough spot without thinking!
  But once again, oopsie! Those darn cameras are everywhere! They even record video! And people even have eyes to see! (for a change.)
  But we mustn't worry. Even if CBS occasionally laps into journalism, ABC has got Kerry's back with the tweet and subsequent article entitled: "Kerry focused on Egypt despite yacht visit."
  Note the casualness of the word visit, as if it's something he rarely does. 
  Nowhere does ABC mention that Kerry buys Australian and then docks his big arse yacht in another state's waters to avoid those pesky excessive Massachusetts taxes.
  And then that old Sarah Palin called out the State Department not for the event of boating in a crisis but for the coverup which prompted Salon editor Walsh to, well, go here to read it. This is really turning into a soap opera. 
  Finally State had to insist Kerry really wasn't interested in what's going on in Egypt or anywhere else really was on a secure line talking to the POTUS's special team trying to decide who they'll support in Egypt, even if he wasn't in DC as they first claimed.
  What's a little lie here or there, after all. It's the government, after all. Everyone expects them to lie, at least this one.
  So we turn our puzzled eyes to The Prince for guidance, leadership, in the vain hope that the Ship of State will right itself and provide the kind of direction the confused America-haters seem to need in spite of themselves.
  The events in the Middle East this week have been extraordinary, Zimmerman trial notwithstanding: the people have risen in protest of the Muslim Brotherhood's heavy hand but their friend Obama is letting bygones be bygones and has got their backs, as Drudge put it.
  But then oopsie! Here we go again! 
  POTUS, who doesn't seem to care about optics at all anymore since he (or someone taking his picture and tweeting in his name) tweeted this picture of himself (big surprise) with the admonition that y'all should have a great weekend cuz he is too!
  Now there's a courageous commander in chief worried about the direction of the nation AND the world! And the planet too!
  But Obama's really taking this all very seriously, so seriously that he golfed all day Friday.
  Oh, and about that great jobs report for June the Obamabots are crowing about...Obama was working on that too.
  See, all those jobs are part time jobs due to the impending doom of Obamacare, a due date of which has been illegally postponed by The Prince, who can do as he dang well pleases, mind you, old man.
  In fact, the rumor's going around that this country may never have full time jobs for its citizens anymore...that holding several part time jobs may be part of Obama's legacy, not to mention making a mess of the Middle East who all really love him now.
UPDATE: Even Reuters has noticed that this all looks very bad.

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